Alderson is certified to perform our services in a variety of settings, including private residences, schools, universities, hospitals, and professional, industrial, and government buildings throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber once widely used in building materials and products including floor tiles, mastics, pipe and boiler insulation, roofing and siding materials, and fireproofing materials. Undisturbed, asbestos-containing materials generally pose no health risk. These materials become hazardous when they release asbestos fibers into the air as a result of damage, disturbance, or deterioration. Once inhaled, asbestos fibers remain and accumulate in the lungs. Exposure can result in serious or fatal diseases including lung cancer, mesothelioma (cancer of chest and abdominal lining), or asbestosis (irreversible lung scarring that can be fatal).

Alderson, Inc. has experience in asbestos projects of all types, ranging from small-scale operations to large, multiphase projects in occupied buildings. We are licensed in the state of Vermont and the state of New Hampshire as an asbestos abatement entity, and all of our staff are fully trained and licensed according to state and federal EPA regulations. We construct containment areas with airtight barriers to prevent asbestos fibers from entering the home or building during the asbestos removal process. For more information about asbestos containing vermiculite insulation removal click here.


Abrasive blasting helps eliminate the use of solvent stripping and the generation of toxic waste material.  Alderson has a wide range of abrasive equipment available and can assess which blasting conditions best suit the substrate.

Soda Blasting:  Is a process where a surface is cleaned, paint is removed, or coatings of any kind are stripped from a substrate.  It is very similar to traditional sand blasting except that it utilizes sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as opposed to sand.  Sodium bicarbonate media is environmentally sensible (USDA approved as an A1 cleaner), water soluble, gentle yet effective and safer than solvents, caustics and acids.  This process is favored because it cleans the surface without causing any harm to the substrate or the environment.  Practical uses include: mold removal & restoration, paint removal, fire restoration, historical restoration and masonry cleaning.

Corncob:  Is a biodegradable blast media that will not etch or warp surface being blasted.  Ideal applications include wooden log homes, thin metal and plastics.

Walnut shells:  Walnut shell grit is the most versatile of the organic media due to its angular, durable shape while still considered a soft media.  This is an economical, biodegradable alternate when aggressive stripping is needed without affecting the substrate.

Hydro Blasting:  Is the most versatile abrasive blasting option in the market today.  The process combines a patent pending water flow control process to deliver the unique ability to wet blast or dry blast a wide range of coarse or fine abrasives.

Controlled Demolition & Excavation

Alderson, Inc.’s experience with building systems allows us to provide demolition or excavation in controlled and contained environments. Using negative pressure containments we can create dust-free work environments. Our crews have the training and expertise to identify and properly handle any hazardous materials that may be discovered during demolition or excavation.

Environmental Consulting

Asbestos testing:  State and Federal Regulations require the performance of an asbestos inspection prior to the start of any renovation and demolition activities.  If asbestos is found to be present and will be disturbed or contacted during a renovation project, it must be properly removed.  All asbestos must be removed from a building prior to demolition.  If you are planning a home renovation, or larger construction project Alderson can perform the necessary asbestos sampling and inspection.

Indoor Air Quality:  Infrared thermography is the easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste, moisture and electrical issues in buildings. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are and helps focus the inspector’s attention, allowing him or her to properly diagnose areas with energy loss.  Utilizing infrared technology, Alderson, Inc. has non-invasive means to identify and diagnose hidden moisture sources within a building or residential structure.

Hydroxyl Air Purification

Hydroxyl radicals are formed naturally in our atmosphere through the sun’s Ultra Violet light and water vapors, and react almost immediately after they’re formed.  Hydroxyl radicals scrub VOCs and other harmful substances from our air, and leave important organic compounds in their place. Hydroxyl air machines mimic this natural process, utilizing UV light to naturally clean and deodorize indoor environments, killing airborne mold spores, bacteria, aerosolized viruses, odor causing chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

Hydroxyl air machines have been tested and approved by the FDA as a Class II Medical Device for occupied areas.  They are commonly used for treating odors caused by fire and smoke, water losses, mold and VOCs.  This technology is regularly deployed in commercial, hospitality/travel, industrial, agricultural and residential settings.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead poisoning is a serious but preventable health problem. Medical research shows that there is NO safe level of lead. Lead can cause permanent damage to children, including: learning disabilities, behavioral problems, lower IQ, and other health problems. Adults can also suffer from adverse health effects due to lead exposure, including: higher blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, anemia, kidney damage, thyroid dysfunction and cancer.

Lead in paint and dust from lead paint are the major sources of lead exposure. Anyone living in or working on a home built before 1978, when lead was banned in residential paint, is at greater risk for exposure to lead – especially when unsafe work practices are used.

Alderson, Inc. is licensed in the state of Vermont as a lead abatement entity, and all of our staff are EPA certified renovators.

Microbial Remediation

Mold is a naturally occurring fungus found growing all around us. There are many different types of mold that vary by color and appearance. The interaction between mold spores, humidity, and a moisture source cause the growth of mold. Mold can usually be seen on damp surfaces, cloth and other porous materials, and may be referred to as mildew. The potential health effects and symptoms associated with mold exposure include allergic reactions (nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, wheezing and/or skin irritation), asthma, and other respiratory complaints.

Alderson, Inc. has the qualifications and resources to remediate mold damage to any structure, complete with containment and demolition services. By identifying the moisture source, we can provide a custom plan of action which includes remediation, clean up and restoration of an area. Our employees are trained in respiratory and personal protection, continuing our mission to provide clean, healthy environments.

Storage Tank Removal

An underground storage tank (UST) is a tank and associated piping that has at least 10% of its combined volume underground. Until the mid-1980’s, most USTs were made of bare steel leading to corrosion over time, allowing leakage to occur. An Underground Storage Tank contractor is recommended whenever a tank is being removed from the ground. The contractor will obtain all required permits and provide proper documentation for the removal and disposal of the tank and contaminated materials.

Alderson, Inc. is a qualified AST / UST contractor familiar with all relevant state and federal guidelines. We provide the following UST services: excavation and removal, tank cleaning and disposal, hazardous waste removal, site assessment, and sampling. Excavations are planned to limit the amount of soil removed and to isolate contaminated soil from clean soil.

Aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) are used for the store of petroleum products, often as home heating tanks.  We provide the following AST services:  removal of any remaining oil product, tank cleaning and disposal.

Water Damage Repair and Restoration

Water intrusions result from, but are not limited to, flooding, leaks or spills. A water intrusion can impact various building materials including floor materials, wallboard, insulation, and ceiling components. An expedient response is critical to avoid mold growth, discolored surfaces and odor problems.

Qualified to remove and eliminate mold & mildew, our first step is to identify and correct the water intrusion. The staff at Alderson Inc. can assist in the development of a plan to control water, moisture and humidity, creating a dry environment.

“Alderson takes pride in what they do and keeps a safe and clean house. Thank you for your work. We certainly appreciate it!”